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"Seeing as you’re settled, I think I’m going to slip away for an hour or two and attend to some business I can’t really just dump on my seneschal."

"Okay, guess I’ll be waiting here then."

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"Then let me formally welcome you to the pit!" He shouted, giving her a shove as the music got louder and more frantic. Dozens of hands were in the air, ready to catch her. 

Reaper fell into the pit of zombie, something under her coat was glowing purple.


"Sort of. I used to be anyway." he shrugged, looking at her "Nice to meet you…er….Spade." 

"Hey if this isn’t Earth or whatever; where is it, then?" maybe he’d been sent to the Land Beyond Words?? Like he’d been given some sort of pardon or something?

"You’re in the realm Incubo, it’s a neighboring realm."

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"Thank you for defining crowd-surfin’ to me word for word, I had no fuckin’ idea what it meant!” He rolled his eyes, half his body swaying as he did. “But yeah. Basically.” Jab. “You ready to really feel the music?” 

Reaper only shrugged, then adjusting her hat. "Sure I guess?" Not sure how the other guy would think about this. He was quiet now.

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"er….Probably not. My name is Swan." he ran his fingers through his messy, dark hair. He wasn’t sure what was going on but…whatever he’d roll with it "What’s your name?"

"I’m Spade, everybody calls me that. Some people call me Puppet though which is weird." This guy sure looked weird.

"So I take it you’re from another realm then. You’re from Medio, the Normal Realm?"

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"Awwww, who said anythin’ about me touchin’ you?" He approached her, clawed end of his microphone ready to give her a nice poke. "C’mon, ain’t nothin’ like a little crowd-surfin’ to really set the mood!" 

"Crowd-surfing? Like that thing with one person is handed over many times like a large crowd?"

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kid again



Send me “Kid Again” and my muse will be a child for the duration of a thread
A young boy walked up to the stranger, holding a leash in his free hand as his other one grabbed at the fabric of his shirt. He looked very uncertain, and didn’t really look them in the eye for a few moments before finally glancing up at them, swiping some of his black hair from his face. 
"Have…Have you seen Oliver?" he asked, as if it was common knowledge that Oliver was indeed a dog, "I-I’m not supposed to go home until I f-found him and he got off his leash…" 

"Good," the boy nodded his head, relieved that they wouldn’t go and tell his mother. He didn’t seem to pay attention to her comment about his mother as he started to walk back towards the field, glancing up at her. 

"Um…Why do you look like that?" 

He couldn’t help himself. 

"I was born with this. With a white face and a missing eye ball." Spade follows the boy into the field.


He laughed, spinning around effortlessly. “They call me that ‘cause I always come last!” A devious grin on his face, he tapped his microphone against the stage, pensive. “How’d ya like to get to know everyone better?” 

"If that means throwing me into the moshpit, I have you know I don’t like people touching me without my consent. Some other guy doesn’t like that either."

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the-great-lion entered Incubo

"What the heck?! How did a lion got in here?!"

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"Reaper! Ain’t that a fuckin’ edgy name!" He looked out at the crowd of zombies in the ‘audience’, smashing into one another clumsily. "Oi, ya cunts! Tell the lovely lady who I am!” 

They all raised their arms, hands making grabbing motions, as they droned and drooled out the name “Zed” over and over again. He nodded violently again, bending over- unfortunately in her direction. “I’M ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!”

Luckily because of Reaper’s hat she didn’t grew deaf by the shout screaming.

"Hello Zed, that’s a badass name."

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Swan put his hand to his throat, as if to check to make sure his stitches weren’t visible “er….thank you.” he said quietly, trying to ignore the fact that he was in fact actually dead. The zombie glanced around curiously, trying to figure out how he’d gotten out of the Rotten World.

"The costume festival isn’t until next week. So what’s you name? Don’t think I’ve seen you here before."

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